Conditions of Use


Please read this document carefully before finalizing your order, because by finalizing your order, you accept the contents of these GTC!
The General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) contain the web store operated by Witeg-Kőporc Kft. (Registered office: 1106-Budapest, Porcelán u. 3-9., Tax number: 10649840-2-42) as a service provider (“Service Provider”). general terms and conditions for the use of Please use our services only if you agree with all its points and consider them binding on you. This document is not filed, it is concluded only in electronic form (it does not qualify as a written contract), it does not refer to a code of conduct.

1. Imprint - Operator data:
Name: Witeg-Kőporc Kft.
Headquarters: 1106-Budapest, Porcelán u. 3-9.
Mailing address: 1475-Budapest, Pf. 274.
Registering authority: Budapest Court of Registration
Company registration number: 01 09 161509
Tax number: 10649840-2-42
Representative: Péter Bellovics
Phone number: +36/ 1-262-6296
Hosting provider details:
Name: Mrs. Schmidt Judit EV
Headquarters: 2310-Szigetszentmiklós, Füves u. 15.
Tax number: 68028628-1-33

2. Basic provisions:
2.1. Issues not regulated in these Regulations and the interpretation of these Regulations shall be governed by Hungarian law, in particular Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (the “Civil Code”) and the Act on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services. CVIII of 2001 the relevant provisions of this Act. The mandatory provisions of the relevant legislation shall apply to the parties without any specific stipulation.
2.2.Changability of the Regulations. The regulations have continuous effect. Your change will be announced.
2.3. The Service Provider reserves all rights with regard to the website, any part of it and the content appearing on it, as well as the distribution of the website. It is prohibited to download, electronically store, process and sell the contents or any part of the content appearing on the website without the written consent of the Service Provider.
2.4. Scope and acceptance of the GTC: In addition to the provisions of the relevant binding legal regulations, the content of the contract concluded between us is determined by these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC). Accordingly, these GTC contain the rights and obligations that apply to you and us, the conditions for concluding the contract, the deadlines for performance, the conditions for delivery and payment, the rules of liability, and the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal.
The technical information required for the use of the Website, which is not included in these GTC, is provided by other information available on the Website.
You must familiarize yourself with the provisions of these GTC before finalizing your order. By purchasing through our webshop, you accept the provisions of these GTC, and the GTC forms an integral part of the contract between you and the Service Provider.
3. Scope of available products and services:
On the website, we provide information on the essential features of the products that can be purchased in the descriptions of each product.
3.1. Correction of data entry errors - responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided
During the order, you have the opportunity to change the data you have entered before finalizing the order (clicking the back button in the browser will open the previous page, so you can correct the entered data even if you have already moved to the next page). Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is entered accurately, as the product will be invoiced or shipped based on the information you provide. By placing your order, you acknowledge that the Service Provider is entitled to bear all damages and costs arising from your incorrect data entry and inaccurate data. The Service Provider excludes its liability for performance based on inaccurate data entry. Please note that an incorrect e-mail address or the saturation of the mailbox storage space may result in non-delivery of the confirmation and may prevent the conclusion of the contract.
3.2. Procedure in case of incorrect price
The following are considered to be obviously incorrectly indicated prices:
• € 0 price,
• a price reduced by a discount but incorrectly indicating the discount (eg a product offered for € 10 with a 50% discount in the case of a € 100 product).
In case of indicating an incorrect price, the Service Provider offers the possibility to purchase the product at a fair price, in the possession of which the Customer may decide to order the product at a fair price or cancel the order without any adverse legal consequences.

4. Registration / Purchase
If you want to make a purchase, you must also provide the information required for the first purchase, such as your name, billing and shipping information, email address, and password for later access. It is also necessary to accept the registration conditions before finalizing the registration. The registration will be confirmed by e-mail. The buyer is obliged to keep the password provided confidential. If, during the identification, the customer's data has become the property of an unauthorized third party after the correct entry of the customer's unique identifier and password, the Data Controller shall not be liable for any resulting damages or inconveniences. By providing their e-mail address, users consent to the operator / service provider sending them a technical message. The registered data is deleted from the system by the operator upon request. For security reasons, a deletion request will only be valid if the deletion request is confirmed by the user by e-mail, thus preventing someone from intentionally or accidentally deleting something else from the registration database. Registration is identified by the email address, so an email address can only be registered once.
There are no obligations to register.
It is possible to make a purchase without registration, which involves providing the necessary data during registration, but the username and password will not be recorded.
You can select the desired product family, including individual products, by clicking on the product categories on the website. By clicking on each product, you will find a photo, description and price of the product. You must pay the price on the website when making a purchase. The products are marked with an illustrated photo.
The user can choose to have a gross or net price. Only customers with a Community tax number in the European Union outside Hungary have the option to purchase at a net price.
Please note that we are not responsible for any misspellings or incorrect data!

5.Order process
After selecting the Product, you can place any number of products in the basket by clicking on the "Basket" button, without incurring any obligation to purchase or pay, as placing in the basket does not constitute an offer.
You can add the products to the Cart without logging in, however, you must log in before ordering. You can only do this if you register yourself or choose to make a purchase without registration, during which you will also need to provide the details you need to make the purchase.
If you are a registered customer but have forgotten your password, use the Forgotten Password feature. If you enter your registered email address here, your password will be emailed to you. You can log in using the Login menu item. Enter your registered email address and password here, then press the enter button. If the login is successful, this window will display your registered email address and an exit button that will allow you to leave the store.
When using the website, you can check the contents of the cart at any time by clicking on the "Cart" icon at the top of the website. Here you can remove the selected products from the cart or change the number of products. After clicking the "Refresh Shopping Cart" button, the system will display the information corresponding to the data you have changed, including the price of the products added to the shopping cart.
You can select new products by clicking on the ‘Continue Shopping’ icon
If you do not want to select additional products and add them to the cart, you can continue shopping by pressing the "Checkout" button.
After pressing the "Checkout" button, the delivery and payment method must be selected and the user data must be filled in (Name, Address, contact details).
If the shipping address does not match the billing address, the 'Shipping to the same address' checkbox must be deactivated and a new shipping address entered.
After filling in the text boxes above, you can continue the ordering process by clicking on the "Next" button, or you can delete / correct the data entered so far and return to the contents of the Cart by clicking on the "Back" button. Clicking the "Next" button will take you to the "Select Shipping Method" page. Here you can see a summary of the contents of the Cart and the available delivery methods.
Optional shipping method:
- Domestic delivery (in Hungary)
- International delivery (within the EU)
- Personal collection
Click Next to select a payment method.
Optional payment methods:
- Bank transfer
- Cash (only in case of personal collection)
After selecting your payment method, click Next. On the next page you will find information related to the payment method. Click Next to find a summary of your order with the billing and shipping information you provided.
5.1. Order finalization (bidding):
If you are sure that the contents of the basket correspond to the products you want to order and that your details are correct, you can close your order by clicking on the "Order" button. The information provided on the website does not constitute an offer to enter into a contract on the part of the Service Provider. In the case of orders falling within the scope of these GTC, you are considered a bidder.
By clicking on the "Order" button, you expressly acknowledge that your offer is considered to have been made, and your statement - in case of confirmation by the Service Provider in accordance with these GTC - entails an obligation to pay. You are bound by your offer for a period of 48 hours. If your offer is not confirmed by the Service Provider within 48 hours in accordance with these general terms and conditions, you will be released from the obligation of the offer.
When aggregating the products, it is no longer possible to change the tax content (net / gross) of the products!
5.2. Order processing, conclusion of the contract
You have the opportunity to place your order at any time. The Service Provider will confirm your offer by e-mail no later than the working day following the sending of your offer. The contract is created when the confirmation email sent by the Service Provider becomes available to you in your mail system.

6. Method of payment for the ordered product and delivery fee
6.1.Method of payment for the ordered product
• Payment by bank transfer in advance: if we have already confirmed your order, you will find our bank account number and order number in the confirmation e-mail, which must be referenced in the comment / notification section of the transfer. If the transferred amount is credited to our bank account, we will only ship the product with the courier service (you will find our bank account number in the operator data).
• Collecting by customer : In this case, you pay the purchase price of the product in cash at the operator's registered office 
The final amount to be paid includes all costs based on the order summary and confirmation letter. 
6.2. Delivery methods and tariffs
Personal collection - free of charge
Delivery by bank transfer in Hungary - net € 6.50
Delivery by bank transfer within the EU - net € 19.90
Delivery time:
For products in stock, 5 working days from the confirmation of the order. In case the product is not in stock 10 working days.

7. Right of withdrawal
7.1. Information on the consumer's right of withdrawal for the buyer
As a consumer, the Civil Code. 8: 1. According to § 1, point 3, only a natural person acting outside the scope of his / her profession, independent occupation or business activity qualifies, so legal persons may not exercise the right of withdrawal without justification!
The consumer is protected by 45/2014. (II. 26.) has the right to withdraw without justification. The consumer has the right of withdrawal
(a) in the case of a contract for the sale of a product
b) the product,
(c) in the case of the sale of several products, if each product is supplied at different times, to the last product supplied,
it may be exercised within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt by the consumer or a third party other than the carrier designated by him.
Nothing in this point shall affect the consumer's right to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in this point between the date of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of the product.
If the consumer has made an offer to conclude the contract, the consumer has the right to withdraw the offer before concluding the contract, which removes the obligation to make an offer covering the conclusion of the contract.
7.2. Statement of withdrawal, exercise of the consumer 's right of withdrawal or cancellation
The consumer in 45/2014. (II. 26.) may be exercised by means of a clear statement to that effect or by using a sample statement that can also be downloaded from the website.
Please return the notice of withdrawal and the product to the following address:
Company name: Witeg-Kőporc Kft.
Address: 1106-Budapest, Porcelán u. 5.
7.3. Validity of the consumer 's statement of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been exercised within the time limit if the consumer submits his declaration within the time limit. The deadline is 14 days.
It is for the consumer to prove that he has exercised his right of withdrawal in accordance with this provision.
The Service Provider is obliged to confirm the consumer's statement of withdrawal immediately upon its receipt on an electronic data carrier, provided that it also provides the consumer with the exercise of the right of withdrawal on its website.
7.4.Detailed rules of the right of withdrawal - Service provider's cost and method of refund, additional costs, right of retention, costs related to return, consumer liability for depreciation

7.5. The right of withdrawal may not be exercised in the following cases
The Service Provider expressly draws your attention to the fact that you may not exercise your right of withdrawal pursuant to Section 29 of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.). In the cases referred to in paragraph 1:
(a) in the case of a contract for the provision of a service, after performance of the service as a whole, where the business has commenced performance with the consumer's express prior consent and the consumer has acknowledged that he loses his right of termination after performance of the service;
(b) in respect of a product or service the price or charge of which cannot be influenced by the financial market undertaking, is subject to possible fluctuations within a specified period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal;
(c) in the case of a non-prefabricated product which has been manufactured on the consumer's instructions or at his express request, or in the case of a product which has been clearly tailored to the consumer;
(d) in the case of a perishable or short-lived product;

(e) in the case of a sealed product which, for reasons of health or hygiene, cannot be returned after opening after delivery;
(f) in the case of a product which, by its nature, is inseparably mixed with another product after transfer;
(g) in the case of an alcoholic beverage the actual value of which depends on market fluctuations beyond the control of the undertaking and the price of which was agreed by the parties at the time of conclusion of the contract of sale but is not fulfilled until the 30th day following its conclusion;
(h) in the case of a business contract where the business visits the consumer at the express request of the consumer to carry out urgent repair or maintenance work;
(i) for the sale and purchase of sealed audio or video recordings and copies of computer software, if the consumer has opened the packaging after delivery;
(j) newspapers, periodicals and periodicals, other than subscription contracts;
(k) in the case of contracts awarded by public auction;
(l) in the case of a contract for the provision of accommodation, transport, car rental, catering or leisure services, other than a residential service, if a performance date or time limit specified in the contract has been set;
(m) in the case of digital content provided on non-tangible media, where the business has commenced performance with the consumer's express prior consent and the consumer has stated at the same time that he loses his right of withdrawal after the commencement of performance.

8. Warranty, supplies warranty
8.1. In which case can the User exercise his right to warranty for accessories?
In the event of faulty performance by the Service Provider, the User may assert a warranty claim against the Service Provider in accordance with the rules of the Civil Code.
8.2. What rights does the User have based on his warranty claim?
The User may, at his / her option, make the following supply warranty claims: he / she may request repair or replacement, unless it is impossible to meet the claim chosen by the User or it would entail a disproportionate additional cost for the business compared to the fulfillment of his other claim. If the repair or replacement has not been requested or could not be requested, the User may request a proportionate reduction of the consideration or the defect at the expense of the business. You may transfer from your chosen supply warranty right to another, however, the cost of the transfer shall be borne by the User, unless it was justified or given by the company.
8.3. What is the deadline for the User to validate his supply warranty claim?
The user (if he is considered a consumer) is obliged to report the defect immediately after its discovery, but not later than within two months from the discovery of the defect. However, please note that you may no longer exercise your warranty rights beyond the limitation period of two years (1 year in the case of a company) from the performance of the contract.
8.4. Against whom can you claim your supplies warranty?
The User may enforce his or her warranty claim against the Service Provider.
8.5. What are the other conditions for enforcing your warranty rights (if the User qualifies as a consumer)?
Within six months of the performance, there are no conditions other than the notification of the error to enforce the warranty claim, if the User proves that the product or service was provided by the company operating the webshop. However, after the expiration of six months from the performance, the User is obliged to prove that the defect recognized by the User already existed at the time of performance.
Product warranty
8.6. In which case can the User exercise his product warranty right?
In the event of a defect in a movable thing (product), the User may, at his or her choice, assert a claim for a warranty for supplies or a product warranty.
8.7. What rights does the User have based on his product warranty claim?
As a product warranty claim, the User may only request the repair or replacement of a defective product.
8.8. In which case is the product considered defective?
A product is defective if it does not meet the quality requirements in force at the time of placing on the market or if it does not have the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.
8.9. What is the deadline for the User to enforce his product warranty claim?
The User can assert his product warranty claim within two years (1 year in case of a company) of the product being placed on the market by the manufacturer. Upon expiry of this period, he shall lose this entitlement.
8.10. Against whom and under what other conditions can you assert your product warranty claim?
You can only make a product warranty claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable item. In the event of a product warranty claim, the User must prove the defect of the product.
8.11. In which cases is the manufacturer (distributor) released from its product warranty obligation?
The manufacturer (distributor) is only released from its product warranty obligation if he can prove that:
• manufactured or marketed the product outside its business, or
• the defect was not detectable at the time of placing on the market according to the state of the art or
• the defect of the product results from the application of legislation or a mandatory official regulation.
• physical injury
It is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to prove a reason for the exemption. Please note that due to the same error, you cannot claim a warranty for a product and a product warranty at the same time, in parallel. However, if your product warranty claim is successfully enforced, you can assert your warranty claim against the manufacturer for the replaced product or repaired part.

9. Miscellaneous provisions
In matters not regulated in these general terms and conditions, the Civil Code (Act V of 2013), Decree 45/2014 on distance contracts concluded in the case of consumer contracts. the provisions of a government decree shall prevail.
9.1. In case of disputes, the Central District Court of Pest has jurisdiction

10. Complaint handling procedure (for users who are consumers)
10.1. You can file a complaint with the Budapest Conciliation Board operated by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Postal address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.:10.,
- via our website,